Membership Information

River City Speakers is run by volunteers--our members! As a volunteer organization, membership costs are only about $2.20 a meeting, billed as $57 each half-year. There is a $20 New Member Fee that goes toward the Competent Communicator manual and other materials. Fees include membership to Toastmasters International and include a subscription to Toastmaster magazine. We think of it as the best deal in town!

A Great First Step!

Welcome to River City Speakers. We hope you will consider visiting us at our next Wednesday meeting and learning more about our club. The following information will help you know what to expect. Toastmasters is dedicated to helping individuals improve their communication and leadership skills. During our weekly meetings we practice three types of communication skills:

Table Topics

During Table Topics an individual develops questions around a theme. Club members are called upon to respond in 1 to 2 minutes. During this portion of our meeting we practice impromptu speaking skills. They help to develop interview and conversational skills.

Prepared Speeches

The prepared speeches are developed out of a manual of speech assignments. The first manual of ten speech assignments deal with the basics of public speaking. The advanced manuals of 5 assignments each allow us to work more in depth on a particular area of speaking.


Each speech assignment comes with an evaluation guide. The evaluator gives the speaker feedback that will help him or her become a better speaker. The goal of an evaluation is to encourage the speaker to get up and speak again with additional skills. These skills are valuable whenever you wish to give motivational feedback to others.

There are other roles in our meeting. The Timer times each part of our meeting. The Ballot Counter collects ballots for the best speaker, table topics participant, evaluator, and for the most improved speaker. You will have a ballot at your place at the table. It has tear off portions to vote. You are welcomed to participate in the voting. The ballot also has tear off portions so you can write a note to the speakers. Please feel free to write a note to the speakers. The Toastmaster of the Meeting is responsible for pulling the meeting together and introducing the speakers. The Ahs and Grammarian helps us improve our use of the English language and avoid inappropriate word fillers. The Word and Joke master gives us a word to improve our vocabularies. The Table Topics participants are required to use it in their response. The General Evaluator evaluates our meeting as a whole and introduces the individual evaluators.

We ask that you order something from the menu. An order form will be at your place at the table. Please clip your credit card or cash to the order form. The server will collect your order and bring your change/credit card back to you before the end of the meeting.

After experiencing a meeting with us we hope you decide to join our club. We meet every Wednesday from noon to 1:15 at We meet every Wednesday at Noon inside Red Lobster at 1400 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825. Please ask for an application at the end of the meeting. We at River City Speakers look forward to working with you as you reach both your personal and professional speaking goals!

For more information please go to the Contact Us link.