Meet Our Members

Club Officers

Sally Dunbar, President

Jim Durkin, VP-Education

Joanna Durkin, VP-Membership

I love River City Speakers because it is a positive place to learn better communication skills. You do not have to be a good speaker to join this club. You only need to come and participate. Good luck!

Larry Williams, VP-Public Relations

Aimee Sanatkar, Treasurer

My world is different since my involvement with Toastmasters. I have gained confidence, and learned to be comfortable with others. I stay involved because I continue to grow, am gaining valuable speaking and leadership skills and interact with some nice, friendly people.

Marty Taub, Secretary

Toastmasters has made a great difference in my life. At work I have been offered and eagerly accepted leadership roles. I am more effective in the community and in networking situations. Toastmasters has helped me develop the ability to communicate more effectively and the confidence to step forward when asked. I now enjoy helping others develop these valuable skills. Every week at Toastmasters is a treat where I am inspired by the progress I see in others and experience in myself.

Nafsheen Luhar, Sergeant at Arms

Evia Shved, Immediate Past President

I am an owner of a medical billing business and joined Toastmasters to learn to improve my leadership skills and to learn public speaking, as well as confront my fear to stand in front of people. After almost two years at Toastmasters, I am very happy with my progress as a leader and a speaker, and I plan to continue to improve and to take a full advantage of the extensive Toastmasters opportunities.

Louis Young, Immediate Past President

I am sure most of us have been invited to multiple meetings in life, some of those we attend and most of the time we do not. Toastmasters was one of those meetings I accepted the invitation to attend. At the time I had no understanding of how much it would impact my life both professionally and personally. Professionally I have learned the art of communication along with excellent presentation skills directly increasing my income as a salesperson. Personally I have had the opportunity to develop some of the most amazing friendships.