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Introduction Guidelines

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The purpose of an introduction is to set the speaker up for success by:
1. Providing a segue/ creating the tone for the speaker’s speech
2. Establishing the credibility of the speaker to speak on the particular topic chosen.

1. Pronounce the speaker’s name correctly.
2. If the speaker has provided an introduction, use it.
3. Focus on the speaker not your own connection with the topic
4. Avoid lavish praise that may set up unrealistic expectations
5. Avoid surprise comments that may embarrass the speaker
6. Be brief.

Toastmasters Introduction
1. Include the speech assignment and its objectives.
2. Any additional objectives the speaker may have that he/she wishes to share with the audience at large.
3. Set the scene if we are to imagine we are in a different setting for the purpose of the speech (business or social gathering)
4. A nice touch is to include some information about the theme of the meeting.

1. Thank the speaker.
2. Comment on the value of the presentation.
3. Segue to next part of program.

Posted Tuesday, September 16, 2008